The 1934 BMW R7 (Post #155) 9/22/2009

I know this isn’t a Land Rover post but I was really struck by this and just had to comment on it. As you probably know by now, I love retro. And when I saw this motorcycle, I was struck the convergence of art and machine. This thing is beautiful.

As my good friend Mike Segroves said:

You really have to wonder what kind of technological, architectural & artistic innovation would have come out of Germany if they hadn’t had that whole “Hey, let’s take over the world and exterminate all the non-Aryans” vibe going on.

I think he was right on with that. If we hadn’t had to stop all production to kill each other for a few years, I wonder what other mechanically beautiful things we might have today. Click the link and check it out.

Yeah I still have a Land Rover, yeah I know I haven’t done anything with it or on it in months. I’ve had some family issues to work on. I did drive her this past Saturday and the engine was missing. I didn’t even have time to look at the codes or pop the bonnet to look into it. I’m hoping in the coming months I will be able to get the few of the immediately pending problems sorted on the Range Rover. Electric door locks and viscous coupling being at the top of the list. And it’s also time for some new tires.

Have a great day and Happy Rovering….