Cash For Clunkers Land Rovers (Post #156) 9/30/2009

Jalopnik has posted on their site a list of EVERY CAR that was traded in under the Cash For Clunkers program. They also have a Top 10 of the most exotic cars that were traded in. Looking through the Top 10 list makes me wonder who these idiots were. Looking through the Land Rover entries on the list will make you cry.

The much derided program that we spent tax payer dollars in the guise that we are removing GAS GUZZLING MONSTERS from the roads to replace them with more efficient models, snared many a Land Rover.

Two of the 500 1993 Defender 110s were turned in. Who were these people? Did they not understand that a North American Defender 110 would bring in 10s of thousands of dollars? A Defender 110 in non-running condition would bring 20k. But as you are aware you had to drive the vehicle in to the dealership. So these vehicles were runners! Awesome, I hope these two people get a nasty case of shingles.

Seventy-eight Range Rover Classic LWBs were turned in. That’s 78 less vehicles we get to pull parts off of to keep our beloved machines running. A much needed heavy sigh should be inserted here. You can see the hundreds of Discovery 1s and 2s listed there as well.

At least we can be comforted that the SEMA people got the 25 year old or younger clause in the bill or we would indeed be wondering what people were thinking when they traded in their Series vehicles. And our sincere concern for the idiot who traded in their Series 1 Lightweight to buy a Prius. Thank you SEMA.

Enjoy your day, thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

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  1. The sad part of it is that most of these people would have gotten a tax deduction worth more than the c4c voucher had they donated their Land Rovers to charity. The car donation charity would have sold them to someone who would appreciate them.

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