Treasure Blind (Post #80) 8/1/2007

A while back I told you all of a motion picture I was asked to be an extra in. It is called Treasure Blind. I recently found their website and thought I’d share it with you.
Treasure Blind
If you go to the Media section and look at the pictures you will see me in a few. Notably….

  • #80 on the far right behind the musket stack holding a pipe.
  • #88 kneeling in front of the Director (with his arm up).
  • #90 facing away with the blanket role over my shoulder.

I took lots of pics and thought I’d wrote up an Adventure entry, but I guess I didn’t. Or I deleted it by accident. So I’ll have to write it up again. So until I get that done you can enjoy the links to the movie.
How is this “Rover Related”? Well I drove my Discovery up there and slept in her over night…in a barn…during a thunderstorm.