Why I Drive a 1993 Land Rover (Post #556) 3/26/2016


Sometimes describing why you love something is difficult. Cal Newport nailed it in his book “Deep Work” when describing why the social critic Matthew Crawford gave up his job and opened a motorcycle repair shop.

“The feeling of taking a broken machine, struggling with it, then eventually enjoying a tangible indication that he succeeded (the bike driving out of the shop under its own power) provides a concrete sense of accomplishment he struggled to replicate when his day revolved vaguely around reports and communication strategies.”
Page 63.

That’s it. Exactly. There is a certain satisfaction when you succeed in fixing your car and you get to drive it another day. We are losing this as time progresses. The number of people who enjoy the intrinsic reward derived from working on something with your hands is getting smaller every day it seems.

Go out in the garage and do something, anything, you’ll feel better when you are done.

Thanks for Reading and Happy Rovering.

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  1. I hate to say it, but you are right. Somewhat right, but still right. As time goes on, people will loose the ability to “enjoy” to work with their hands and enjoy the results. A simple but very gratifying thing…

  2. I like how you put it into words… I love my quirky rover and there is a sense of pride and accomplishment when I diagnose and fix the issues… 😀 We all love our Rovers!! And thankfully they give us plenty of opportunity to ‘enjoy’ our labours. Cheers!

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