A new decade of driving Land Rovers (Post #163) 1/6/2010

I received a comment recently to one of my posts which was


I had the characters translated by a Chinese friend and it was roughly translated into English as good blogger. Sadly the dots following the comment were each a link to a different porn site. So it was not so much a compliment to me as a SPAM for some porn sites and that got me thinking.

And it made me curious to look and see where my users come from. The StatCounter.com software that tracks my hits can give you some really fun statistics. Like how much time users spend on my site. A lot of the links are 0 (zero) seconds. I guess after they see the picture Google directed them to my site to see they click Back and go on to another site. Or it could be the random Blogger Next Site link they just clicked and then clicked again when they weren’t interested in my content. It’s all good though.

As the site says about the stats page…

What use can the Country Stats have?

Well the best thing about the country stats, is the ‘kick’ you get out of seeing how many countries from around the world are visiting your website! But after the initial kick has worn off, it can also let you decide whether you should be targeting your international visitors more.

I posted the chart of the current visitors. As this new decade begins I’d like to thank all the readers out there for visiting my blog. I don’t make a single dime from this site. I love Land Rovers and the feeling I get with helping others is all I get out of it.

So when you read the last line on a post, believe me I really appreciate it.

So to the guy in Heredia, Costa Rica who checked out my post of Marilyn Monroe in the Land Rover. You were my only visitor from Costa Rica. You weren’t the only visitor to that page as it seems it was one of the most popular.

And to the guy in Gaborone, Botswana who checked out my blog. You were the only person in Botswana who did that, so you are pretty special in an elite sorta way as well.

I’m also comfortable in saying that my visitor from Perth, Australia in November should update his Mozilla and I hope you also liked the picture of Marilyn. I am also pretty sure you are my most remote user depending on how you calculate remoteness.

I have another Australian visitor that is a fairly frequent visitor. Info about you didn’t come down but you are on Westnet Internet Services. I hope the article about Rust on the frame of my Discovery 2 was something you could use. You are my most frequent Australian visitor.

And to the guy in San Jose, California, coming via your Comcast Cable ISP, you are my most prolific visitor. And for that, thank you very much!

And to my second favorite visitor in Brewster, Massachusetts with a few more clicks you will pass the fellow in San Jose.

And to the visitor from London on the 6th of January, 2010 13:14:21 (Central Standard Time) I’m sorry you missed this post and hope you come back to see it soon.

I hope to update the Blog site a bit more often and I have some ideas for some new pages on the parent site www.OkieRover.com. I have been collecting Google Street Views that have Land Rovers in them. So when I’m really, really bored I electronically drive up and down the streets of the world looking for Land Rovers. Yes, I know it’s a sad existence. If you know of a street with a Land Rover on it, send me a link. I’ll add it to the site.

Once again thanks to everyone out there. I know there are a million other things you could be doing instead of reading my blog. I hope 2010 brings you good fortune and a lot of maintenance and repair-free driving.

Thanks for Reading and Happy Rovering.