Google Street View, Preview Your Vacation (Post #164) 1/11/2010

I know many of you use lots of tools to navigate yourself around while on holiday and even for work. I read a story today in the news about an elm tree that was carefully cared for by a 101 year old man. It was succumbed to the dreaded dutch elm disease for the last time.

It will be cut down. I’m sure the tree will be harvested for the wood and will live on in many a person’s home in the inevitable wood projects it will yield. So have a look at the story…

Maine man, 101, can’t save beloved old elm, Herbie

This is where Google Maps comes in handy. So according to the location in the story…
East Main Street and Yankee Drive, Yarmouth, Maine

So just drop that in Google Maps and adjust up and down the street and there it is. (turn to the left in the window below) Preserved until the next time the Google Maps drive up and down the street.

View Larger Map

You can do this for just about anywhere in the United States and Europe and eventually you will be able to do this for just about any road anywhere. It amazes me where the Street View Trucks have been.

So when you are bored take a look at some place interesting or go to the places your news takes you.

Thanks for Reading and Happy Rovering.