August 13th, 2006 (Post #64)

August 13th, 2006

Well that sucked. Lost a big bunch of updates to the Rover Log. I had some stuff
about the Classic and what needs to be repaired. Let me see if I can list some of them.

  • Repaint the tail gate, Rust taking over
  • Replace the rear lift gate, Rusted out
  • Brakes, Need refurbishing, new brake lines, calipers rebuilt
  • Stereo, Needs replacing
  • Air conditioning, recharged or something
  • There was some other things but I can’t remember them.

    We went on a trip to Denver in the Discovery. It rode well and I was a little
    disappointed with the gas mileage. We averaged a little under 15mpg the whole way.
    We didn’t have time for any Rover stuff due to my wife having a problem with some
    anxiety attacks. Kinda weird and were not sure about where they are coming from. We
    are working on it.

    We planned to visit the local area Rover shops and such but we had to come home
    early. The drive home was fun and we visited the Monument Rocks in Southwest Kansas.
    You can read about them on my new Adventure pages.

    Monument Rocks.

    Added some advertising but I got booted for looking at my own site?? I guess I shoulda read the fine, fine print again. I’ll probably try it again if I do anything more commercial.