October 11th, 2006 (Post #65)

October 11th, 2006

I’m working on the new webpage design. I hope to start converting the other
pages to the new format in the next few weeks.

Changed the oil in the Discovery II for the first time. Went with Castrol 10w40 and
a Wix Gold filter. It’s the brand I use on the Rangie and gonna stick with it. When
I got under the front end and noticed the placement I was disappointed. There is a
plastic shield under there. Most likely a cooling thing but it might be a stone shield.
I’ve got some feelers out on that. But there is a little access panel to get to the filter.
And I can’t see how you get the oil and filter out without getting oil on the shield.
When I went to take the filter off it is not on hand tight like on the Rangie. It
required an oil filter wrench and some serious turning.

I got it off and oil all over the bits under there. Again disappointing. I decided
that I was going to put that filter on hand tight and make it easier to remove later.

I got all the oil in and when I was ready to drive I heard the access panel slide under
the Disco and I immediately remembered that I had forgotten to secure it. Good thing too.
Oil was coming out from around the filter like mad. Seems it needed the wrench tightening
I was unwilling to give.

So changing the oil on the Disco is not going to be as easy as on the Rangie.

Time to start on the Rangie
I need to start working on the Rangie. As you have no doubt read below there is a huge
list of projects to get her ready for RovErica to drive. She started Driver’s Education this
past week. I’ll get some parts heading this way soon.