Beards Made in America, Ooorah (Post #416) 11/22/2013

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I have several friends that are beard wearers. Notably The Evil German Dude and +Frank Keller who my children call Frankenstein. Mostly because my kids have grown up seeing him as a freakishly large man with a lot of facial hair. I know him to be the giant teddy-bear his actually is. The legend is that Frank has had a beard since he was in 5th grade. If memory serves he came to Newcastle that year. I know I was in the 6th grade when I heard that rumor and I’m sure that by the time he was in middle school Frank was at least a by-weekly shaver. Remind me to tell you the story of Frank and I’s ninja-attack-kidney-punching semester sometime.

I could not grow facial hair until I was around age 20. I had been in the Marine Corps three years by then and mustaches were all the rage. This was the early 1980’s so try to remember Freddie Mercury, Geraldo Rivera, Eddie Murphy, and of course the amazing Tom Selleck (People magazine). Classic 1980’s mustaches. Thusly, I tried to sport a mustache. I fell short of Eddie Murphy’s and in short, it was pathetic.

I saw this clip on Military Times’ Battle Rattle blog. It is very funny and quite manly. Enjoy.

I snorted out loud when he tells the angel he has crabs! Hilarious!
So if you are one of the manly men growing a beard this No-Shave November buy some of this product and enjoy your beard while helping out some of our troops.
Made in America. Ooorah!
Semper Fi, Nick.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.