Door Handles That Last (Post #611) 6/5/2023

If you were to rate the most annoying things on a Range Rover Classic at the top of that list would be the Questionable Use of Paint and Seam Sealer to Prevent Rust. I think we could all agree with that. The second item has GOT to be the Door Handles.

At some point in owning a Range Rover Classic or a Discovery 1 you will have a door handle fail. I’m not sure what specific material the door handles are made from. I’ve speculated in another post that they were made from Play-DohTM. I’m pretty sure they are made from some kind of aluminum mache’ and hope. You might as well say they were made of Unobtainium [Wikipedia] because finding a set of new/old stock (ran out decades ago) or on a rig in a breaker’s yard (aka junk yard in the USA). I haven’t seen a Range Rover in a junk yard since 2016 []. The odd one may have snuck past me in that time…suffice to say they are getting rare. Spotted one in 2015 and 2011.

It was quite frankly a surprise to me that it took so long for some smart guy or girl to machine their own. I am surprised no longer. A gentleman right here in my home state of Oklahoma is making them. This is the best of all possible situations, Made in Oklahoma, Small Business, genuinely nice guy, and almost certainly better than OEM.

Chris McCune‘s [Facebook] handles are made from 6061 aluminum. I am but a simple caveman and your systems of measurements of specific metals frightens and confuses me, but when I get in my Range Rover Classic and drive to the mall through the outback, I want to open the doors with the handles and not crawl in the window like psychopath.

(Apologies to the, now deceased, genius of Phil Hartman for the paraphrase above.)

You are more likely to pull the entire handle assembly off the door, than to have one of these break like the OEM handles. He’s so confident in his design he is offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Basically as long as you aren’t using the handle as recovery point when you get stuck, he’ll make it right if one of his handles fail.

This is an unsponsored product recommendation. I have not been compensated in any way to promote Chris’s products. I’m just helping out a fellow Okie with his small business in this niche market.

The next time you tear your door handle remember Chris and order some handles. I would publish the price, but prices of metals change and I don’t want someone in the future who may be reading this post to get the wrong idea about what the handles cost. At the time of this post (June 2023), they are fairly priced. I’ve seen them for sale for more than this and have purchased some crappy OEM ones for this same price. Click the link above and send him a Private Message.

I looked up my previous posts on door handles, check those out too. One contains the instructions for replacing your door handles.

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Always Fun to be Recognized on Twitter by Land Rover UK (Post #441) 1/31/2014


It’s always fun to be recognized by corporate Land Rover. I got this lovely tweet from @LandRover_UK when my blog post link went out on twitter.

A few of my friends could tell some stories of my exploits during winter. I’m not proud of them mind you, it was in my youth when they occurred. One story in particular calls to mind a friend exiting my Dodge pickup holding a beer when the passenger door failed to hold him inside the vehicle. He eventually recovered from his injuries. Another was during the Midnight Maverick Marauder’s Maximum Margarita Marathon. Frank Keller and I had quite the adventure that night. Stories for another time.

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404’d (Post #422) 12/20/2013

I decided to update the 404 page for If you do know the term the 404 page is the page from a website that tells you there was an error with your request in their domain. Mine was set to a cute page that GoDaddy provides for free.

So with that in mind I thought I’d create a 404 page along the same lines.

As funny as that is I thought it needed…something else. So with that I created this.

Click for the link to the 404 page I hope you never actually get to see.
If you Google “clever 404 pages” you’ll see some fun pages.

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Beards Made in America, Ooorah (Post #416) 11/22/2013

Beard Care That Cares | stubble & ‘stache
I have several friends that are beard wearers. Notably The Evil German Dude and +Frank Keller who my children call Frankenstein. Mostly because my kids have grown up seeing him as a freakishly large man with a lot of facial hair. I know him to be the giant teddy-bear his actually is. The legend is that Frank has had a beard since he was in 5th grade. If memory serves he came to Newcastle that year. I know I was in the 6th grade when I heard that rumor and I’m sure that by the time he was in middle school Frank was at least a by-weekly shaver. Remind me to tell you the story of Frank and I’s ninja-attack-kidney-punching semester sometime.

I could not grow facial hair until I was around age 20. I had been in the Marine Corps three years by then and mustaches were all the rage. This was the early 1980’s so try to remember Freddie Mercury, Geraldo Rivera, Eddie Murphy, and of course the amazing Tom Selleck (People magazine). Classic 1980’s mustaches. Thusly, I tried to sport a mustache. I fell short of Eddie Murphy’s and in short, it was pathetic.

I saw this clip on Military Times’ Battle Rattle blog. It is very funny and quite manly. Enjoy.

I snorted out loud when he tells the angel he has crabs! Hilarious!
So if you are one of the manly men growing a beard this No-Shave November buy some of this product and enjoy your beard while helping out some of our troops.
Made in America. Ooorah!
Semper Fi, Nick.

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My Grandkids think this is hilarious (Post #405) 10/23/2013

What you may have already seen or are about to see is Ylvis – The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) it is song by a Norwegian comedy duo. It is meant to be funny and it is as far as I am concerned.

137 million views. Wow. 500,000 of them are probably my grand kids but never the less its very popular. I want you to check out their Stonehenge video after you get through this one. It is more “adult” and also very comical from my point of view.

I hope you enjoyed it because I can’t give you back the 4 minutes. Nor can I remove the very catchy lyrics from replaying in your head for the rest of the day.

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One Dead Cockroach (Post #367) 7/12/2013

What the heck?
Is this some kind of sign?
If so I’m not aware of its origin.

I found this dead cockroach on the roof of the Civic today. After last night’s brake bleeding debacle it just might be.

I am unsure of the causal link between brakes and cockroaches. I should have paid more attention in school.

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