Brake Bleeding Procedure (Post #427) 12/30/2013

I’ve been conversing via Private Message on’s message board with Yungblud04 (I don’t have his “real” name) about the ABS system on Classics. He is going to bleed his brakes and needed a procedure.

Rover’s North has a lovely Tech Tip section and they offer this procedure (Rovers North) for bleeding your ABS brakes. I used it the last time I bled my brakes and it worked very well. It was even confirmed by Mickey of Mickey’s Garage (Mickey’s Garage) that I had done it correctly. This was quite different from another process I read online somewhere. It only required fluid to be bled from #1,#2,#7,#8 in the diagram starting at the farthest (right rear) caliper and working forward to the left rear, then the right front, and lastly the left front. That procedure has worked for me a few times but was not the proper procedure.

I am still having the buzzing ABS relay or whatever problem. I will need to investigate that further when the weather get warmer in a couple of months.

Thanks for reading, Happy stopping, and Happy Rovering.