Brakes…again (Post #106) 10/7/2008

It seems that this is the month for squeeking brakes on Land Rovers that park in my driveway. I’m going to have to break down and give them some attention. Perhaps on my Friday off. It is the day before the OU beat down of Texass. This year it should be fun to watch the Longhorns offense sputter and die as we shut down Colt McCoy. I remember how shell shocked he was in the 4th quarter last year. Not a pretty sight.

Anyway it’s time to get busy on the brakes because winter is approaching. I have some other smaller jobs to do but not much money motivation to do them. If I find anything fun I’ll let you know.

Code 44. The Rangie threw a code 44 last weekend. She’s been running rough for a month and I’ve finally gotten around to replacing the cap. It helped, but the injector cleaner helped even more. Anyway in the midst of all this running like crap including a code 69, gear lever position sensor, the oxygen sensors have gone south.

I’m going to be pricing them out this week and getting them ordered because the gas mileage has turn to ridiculously bad numbers.