Busting the Myths (Post #105) 9/16/2008

Now, more than ever, drivers are looking for ways to improve their car’s fuel economy in an effort to reduce fuel consumption and expenditure.

There have been many tips and tricks promoted and popularised over the years, but how many of these actually stand up to the test? Some are just the motoring equivalent of Urban Myths, others may have held true in the past but are no longer relevant with today’s technological advances.

In this (and next week’s blog) we will review some of these ideas and see which have merit and which can be discarded. In the next article, we’ll be looking at some fuel-saving ideas that actually work. For now though, let’s explore a few of the ideas that don’t stand up to closer inspection:

They say: “Idling your engine is more efficient than starting up and turning off repeatedly.”
We say: This was certainly true back when all cars were equipped with carburettors, and many drivers still believe that repeatedly starting up and turning off your car is a great way to waste fuel.
But with today’s modern fuel-injection technology, drivers will actually save fuel by turning off their engine rather than letting the car needlessly idle – just look at the Toyota Prius.

And many, many more like this. Check out this link.

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