Vacation Planning Time

It’s time to start your vacation planning. I know it’s only February, but if you plan to see any of our great national parks, you need to start now. Reservations are necessary if you plan to stay in any of the park’s resorts. A budget for your trip is necessary. Dude, there is a serious[…]


What a great bit of advertising. I love the dog not moving when called with that, “I’m not getting back in the truck” defiance and little girl at the end trudging on behind her mum. Where do I get a #Hibernot bumper sticker? I’m all in. I first saw this video on the Hooniverse website. I snagged[…]

Hula Betty?

One of my favorite blogs is The Last Great Road  Trip. Their posts are all under the pseudonym of Hula Betty. They have great posts and go on many grand adventures. I had a Hula Betty on my dash back in 2004. I don’t know when they started their tradition. Sadly, she had to come[…]

Treasure Blind

A while back I told you all of a motion picture I was asked to be an extra in. It is called Treasure Blind. I recently found their website and thought I’d share it with you.Treasure BlindIf you go to the Media section and look at the pictures you will see me in a few.[…]