The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

[Queue the theme song]The Good, I started on the rear brakes last night.The Bad, I can’t finish the project.The Ugly, I found a broken axle half shaft. As you can see in this picture the rear brakes on the Range Rover are looking pretty knackered. I love that word “knackered”. In this context I’m using[…]

Error Code 17

The mystery surrounding the OBD code display continues. Just when I thought it failed I have a code 17 displayed. So the mystery is, why no code when the Check Engine light came on last month? And why has it decided to display a code 17. I didn’t ask for a code 17. A throttle[…]

July 7th, 2007

Helping out a fellow Rover driverBo Pham recently sent out an email to some of the OK Rovers members about his pending brake project. He has 1997 Disco I he bought from Paul in Tulsa. It is lifted and has big tires on it. And Bo loves to offroad in it. He decided to upgrade[…]