She Was Rough (Post #559) 5/31/2016

I got word from JagGuy that LKQ OKC had a Classic on the lot. She was a 1993 as well. So I made my way down and was quite pleased with the site. The staff were friendly and efficient.

The check out process was fun. They struggled with the discount when it was time to check out. There was a Memorial Weekend discount and they wanted to give me a military discount too but the computer system wouldn’t allow it.

I was happy with the price 50$(US). The haul was not as significant as usual. I was able to pick:

  • Interior wood trim pieces
  • Plastic trim vents
  • Trailer light wiring kit
  • A door handle from each side
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • Both Belt Pullies
  • And an oil sensor I’ve never seen in working condition

The Classic was well picked over. The ECUs were all gone. Two of the four door handles were broken or missing. The center console was trashed. The seats were well worn.

This classic had 212,000+ miles on her. She had fought the good fight. She was well used. Some one had tried to keep her on the road,  she had new belts. But her days of ferrying people are over.

In a world where these Classics get harder and harder to find its sad to see one go,  but when one keeps others on the road the sacrifice is just.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

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