Oil Sump Gasket Replaced

…the Big White Bus has recently been leaving a nice puddle of oil when she comes to a stop. I know all the jokes about British cars and leaks. If you don’t see a leak, it’s probably dry. Well I don’t care for leaks.

Something Different

I tried something a little different. My front grill was pretty knackered. It was a couple of colors of black or gray depending on the part you were looking at. I took the grill off and used my neighbor’s power washer. I blasted it and the paint and most of the oxidation came off. Underneath[…]

Color matters?

According to an iVillage post the color of your car says a lot about you. I’m not so sure about that really. I’ve read a few pages that say what the TYPE of car you drive says about you. I will acknowledge that this is at best pop-science. One of my favorite television personalities, Sheldon[…]