Land Rover at Lowe’s and a New Muffler (Post #461) 3/11/2014

20140308_155449Over the past weekend I stopped at Lowe’s to pick up paint for my Coleman Stove Project¬†which was part of my gearing up for S.C.A.R.R. When I came out this Discovery was sitting next to me. With the parking lot nearly empty parking directly next to me meant this guy must be an enthusiast. So I scribbled a note inviting the driver to check out my blog and to keep in touch as we were forming a Land Rover Club, Red Dirt Rovers, and invited them to check out our Google Community.

Later that day I got an email from John Joyce the owner of the Discovery. He has reached out to me with a couple of emails and I look forward to meeting him at S.C.A.R.R.

His rig looks well used. Seeing this Discovery next to me in the lot has told me I’m pretty sure if I ever get another Land Rover it will be a Discovery I. So much awesome in such a little package. Like anyone I’d love to have a classic Series 2a but for a daily driver that is probably not a realistic nor practical option. There’s more after the jump…

Snow…one more time (Post #172) 3/23/2010

This weekend I let my daughter drive the Range Rover. We had a final (fingers crossed) snow storm this past weekend. I don’t have to tell you it was weird to have 5 snow storms this year. In any event, RovErica claimed she had not been taught how to drive in the slick-ish conditions in her Ford Taurus. She wanted to take the Range Rover due mostly to the ride position.

I was apprehensive to say the least. RovErica has had a poor track record of wrecking the Rovers when she “borrows” them. But I let her drive it anyway. I did caution her to drive carefully and to take it easy on the old broad.

She was good to her. She took care of my weekly driving task. And by running her she took care of the battery maintenance that I have failed to do for a couple of weeks. What makes this whole episode worthy of comment is the fact that she gave her new boyfriend a ride in the Rangie. He seemed tense. RovErica asked him why he was nervous, “Is it my driving?”. His response was not what she expected.

“This thing road walks.”
RovErica was quick to dismiss the issue, it’s always done that. Apparently it was enough to make the new boyfriend pretty nervous. To describe him would be difficult as we have not known him long, but to put it in a word, we could use “country”.

He is country. By that I mean he dresses the part, he’s in the oil business, more specifically he is a rig mechanic, he hunts, he guides hunts, and if we are getting the story accurately he had a scholarship offer to shoot at Texas Tech. That last part needs some confirmation but for now we’ll leave it there. He should be used to vehicles with eccentricities. Hell his pickup truck doesn’t even have a muffler that is up to code, nor does it have heat, RovErica mentioned a few other things too, which was precisely the reason they wanted to take the Range Rover.

Spring is now upon us and it is time to start working on the Range Rover in earnest. I want to the family camping this Spring and I need to get some things fixed first. The list seems to grow every month, but right now its the viscous coupling on the transaxle that demands immediate attention. With RovErica’s new beau’s concern for safety, maybe I should finish the bushing project I started last fall as well.

I have to get the garage cleared first. There is just entirely too much stuff in there to work on the Range Rover. I think I could do the bushing job laying underneath the Rover if the garage was cleared of storage stuff. It would be better to do it on the lift at JagGuy’s shop but I may need to make this a multiple weekend project. Which I really can’t do at the shop.

So I have the wife convinced we need a storage shed. She has said we needed one since we moved into this house. I had been holding off because I thought I wanted a shop instead of a storage shed. But all I really need is storage. I can still use the garage as the “shop” if I had a place to put all the crap.

And by crap I mean, a box spring, the mower, Diet Mountain Drew’s weight lifting bench that he never uses, half a desk, my table saw, the big ladder, the camping gear we never use, my lathe, and probably half a dozen computer parts. There is a bunch of crap in there.

So after I spend a weekend building the storage shed, a weekend of repairing the viscous coupling, a weekend for the bushing project, a weekend camping, a weekend of Chicago Fire soccer, a weekend at Maribone Springs playing cowboy, a weekend at Fort Washita reenacting the Fur Trade period in Oklahoma, and probably a weekend shooting a docu-drama on the Seminole removal, and several weekends at mom’s house getting it ready to sell, it’s football season again.

Will the madness ever stop? Probably not.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

Things slow down a lot (Post #153) 8/25/2009

I recently put my mother in the hospital for a broken hip. She has been recovering for quite sometime. Yesterday we put her in a rehab hospital. Needless to say with all this going on I barely have time to cut the grass at the house, let alone work on the Range Rover. I did use the Range Rover to pull a trailer full of mom’s belongings in the vain hope she would be moving into an assisted living center. I have not pulled anything that large before. Other than slowing down 15 to 20 miles per hour going up the rolling hills of Northern McClain county the BWB did fine.

I still have the viscous coupling to do and I absolutely need to fix the central locking system. College football is upon us so I’m sure I’ll have to pick my projects carefully in order to get them done.

Thanks for reading, sorry for no posts in a while, and Happy Rovering.

AWESOME! Not really. (Post #152) 7/27/2009

So I ventured to my good friend’s garage this weekend to get a quick AC charge. And you guessed it…it wouldn’t charge. Compressor is gone…again. I was slightly confused about how long ago I had replaced it. 2005. I thought at most a couple of years. Bad news is Oklahoma Auto Air is out of business now. They have been bought out.

So its time to do some more research and find a compressor and a dryer. has a great section on air conditioning upgrades. Go check it out before you start buying.

I punted on the viscous coupling replacement. I’m going to do it in two weeks. Hopefully my buddy will have fixed his rack. If not, I’m going to do it in the OkieRover home garage. Which means I’m doing it on my back. Not my favorite working position. The temperature on Saturday in the shade on my front porch hit 104 (F). As you can imagine that is not a comfortable temp to be busting out any projects in the garage.

More on this later.

Viscous Coupley Goodness (Post #151) 7/22/2009

I picked up two things today. First was a used viscous coupling from Rob at Rover Cannibal. The second was an air grinding tool from Lowe’s. My Dremel died a few months ago. And I was faced with replacing it for 50 odd bucks or I saw this grinder on clearance for around 16$(US).

I figured I’d use this for the big stuff. I will probably get another Dremel for the small stuff but for now this will work.

The viscous coupling is finally becoming an emergency fix. This weekend couldn’t come soon enough. I can tell the CV joints are getting noisy and I can see the tires getting balder.

Oh, did I forget to mention I’m driving the BWB again? Well I am. My son turned 16 over the past week and we bought him a….Scion xB. He was not going to be a Land Rover kid after all.

Erica’s untimely crash with the Discovery ended that for him. Yeah I know I could have bought him a Land Rover for the same price as the xB. But it wouldn’t get 32 miles per gallon and have only 5700 miles on it.

I love driving the Rangie. I had forgotten what a joy it was to drive. I love being able to see everything around me. It was a treat to drive this morning and I love the comment of my friend Butch from my office, “your back to being a REAL man, with your manly truck.”

That meant a lot.

More next week after I tear the viscous coupling off and charge the AC for some cooler driving.

Happy Rovering