AWESOME! Not really. (Post #152) 7/27/2009

So I ventured to my good friend’s garage this weekend to get a quick AC charge. And you guessed it…it wouldn’t charge. Compressor is gone…again. I was slightly confused about how long ago I had replaced it. 2005. I thought at most a couple of years. Bad news is Oklahoma Auto Air is out of business now. They have been bought out.

So its time to do some more research and find a compressor and a dryer. has a great section on air conditioning upgrades. Go check it out before you start buying.

I punted on the viscous coupling replacement. I’m going to do it in two weeks. Hopefully my buddy will have fixed his rack. If not, I’m going to do it in the OkieRover home garage. Which means I’m doing it on my back. Not my favorite working position. The temperature on Saturday in the shade on my front porch hit 104 (F). As you can imagine that is not a comfortable temp to be busting out any projects in the garage.

More on this later.