Viscous Coupley Goodness (Post #151) 7/22/2009

I picked up two things today. First was a used viscous coupling from Rob at Rover Cannibal. The second was an air grinding tool from Lowe’s. My Dremel died a few months ago. And I was faced with replacing it for 50 odd bucks or I saw this grinder on clearance for around 16$(US).

I figured I’d use this for the big stuff. I will probably get another Dremel for the small stuff but for now this will work.

The viscous coupling is finally becoming an emergency fix. This weekend couldn’t come soon enough. I can tell the CV joints are getting noisy and I can see the tires getting balder.

Oh, did I forget to mention I’m driving the BWB again? Well I am. My son turned 16 over the past week and we bought him a….Scion xB. He was not going to be a Land Rover kid after all.

Erica’s untimely crash with the Discovery ended that for him. Yeah I know I could have bought him a Land Rover for the same price as the xB. But it wouldn’t get 32 miles per gallon and have only 5700 miles on it.

I love driving the Rangie. I had forgotten what a joy it was to drive. I love being able to see everything around me. It was a treat to drive this morning and I love the comment of my friend Butch from my office, “your back to being a REAL man, with your manly truck.”

That meant a lot.

More next week after I tear the viscous coupling off and charge the AC for some cooler driving.

Happy Rovering