Things slow down a lot (Post #153) 8/25/2009

I recently put my mother in the hospital for a broken hip. She has been recovering for quite sometime. Yesterday we put her in a rehab hospital. Needless to say with all this going on I barely have time to cut the grass at the house, let alone work on the Range Rover. I did use the Range Rover to pull a trailer full of mom’s belongings in the vain hope she would be moving into an assisted living center. I have not pulled anything that large before. Other than slowing down 15 to 20 miles per hour going up the rolling hills of Northern McClain county the BWB did fine.

I still have the viscous coupling to do and I absolutely need to fix the central locking system. College football is upon us so I’m sure I’ll have to pick my projects carefully in order to get them done.

Thanks for reading, sorry for no posts in a while, and Happy Rovering.