Feedback (Post #211) 10/15/2010

This is exactly the kind of feedback I love to receive. At this time, I don’t advertise or make any money off my website. The entire reason for it’s existence is to help others. From the Land Rovers Only Message Board:

I just saw a post you made back in Sept 2007. It was where you recommended that someone check the connection on the ignition switch. I’ve had my 16 yr old son’s 88 RRC torn to pieces this week looking for an electrical gremlin. The windows had stopped working as did the wipers, the a/c and the stereo. I had almost the whole dash out of this thing.

So tonight I checked the connector you mentioned. Behold, it was about to fall off. A few wire ties later and everything is fine. I could have fixed this by removing 6 screws… Next time I’ll search this forum first. It’s the first place I go for any Disco issues but didn’t think of it for the RRC.

It’s all back together now and I just wanted to say thanks! Also got your site marked as it appears to be full of good things.

Huntsville, AL
2004 Disco SE7
1988 RRC

When you hear several major systems have failed you can be sure it has something to do with the accessory connections on the ignition switch. I initially noticed problems with my radio and my windows not working when my ignition tumbler problem was discovered. Sadly when my quit me it was a cold December day. The temperature had dropped to 12 degrees that night and early morning. It is not any fun trying to find issues when you are shaking so hard your teeth are chattering from the arctic cold.

I’m really happy I could help some one out. I see a lot of these issues on the message boards. Of all the problems on Land Rovers, the electrical ones are the worst. At least that’s my opinion. When you break down the system to its elements it gets easier but it can be a overwhelming situation when you open a panel or look behind something and all you see are bundles of wires.

I opened a kick panel on my Range Rover one day. Inside I found a severely burnt bare wire. Everything on the Rover at that time was working fine. What was it? Who knows. There is really no good way to know. I taped it off so it would no longer make sparks bumping up against the bulk head. To this day I have no idea what that wire goes to.

Have a good weekend, and wish me luck when I fire up the Range Rover and drive her for the first time in nearly 4 months.
Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.