Painting (Post #212) 10/23/2010

Its a rainy weekend here in Oklahoma. I am coming down with a sinus infection or something. I did manage to roll out of bed and get the paint on the quarter panels and the tailgate. Sadly it looks like “I” painted it. I’m hoping some buffing will help the finish. I’m not too worried about it though. This is a WORK truck or a TRAIL truck, not a show truck. I just wanted the paint to match.

I didn’t need half the paint I mixed up though and a lot went to waste. I feel more or less like crap and have decided to punt for the day and just relax and fight the sinus problems.

If I can string some thoughts together tomorrow I’ll post the final on the suspension bushings I finished yesterday. I also took care of the solenoid that malfunctioned and keeps me from going into low range.

More later….
Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.