Final S.C.A.R.R. Maintenance (Post #536) 4/12/2015


The final piece of maintenance was to replace the Fuel Filter. This is one of my least favorite maintenance items. Gasoline is expensive, toxic, flammable,  and generally unpleasant to work with. 

But the fuel filter is an important item when it comes to maintaining the Fuel system. Keeping the nasty bits out of your system will ensure that you to have many miles of enjoyment. The tick sheet has this as a every 50,000 mile replacement. I’m going to guess it’s been at least 10 years since it swapped mine.

The location of the filter is in the right rear tire well. It is not a pleasant place to work. I suggest removal of the rear right tire to ease access.


You will need two large wrenches to loosen the fuel hoses. In this picture the wrap-around bracket has been removed. I have modified the bracket slightly. I slipped a piece of an old bicycle tube over it. This was to prevent the metal bracket from rubbing a hole in the filter.

I bought the Wix brand filter. It was twice as much as the others. I like Wix filters and use their oil filters in all my cars. Quality before price.

When I got the old filter off I could see the particles coming out with the gasoline. It was super dirty. I’m hoping that this will stop what might be a starving of fuel at high speeds due a less than effective flow of petrol through a dirty filter.

As I mentioned this is a dirty job and you WILL get dirt in your eyes. Once you bang a wrench under the body you will see all the sand and dirt the Land Rover has been saving up just for this moment.

I also checked the transmission fluid level (cold fluid and in neutral). It needed some to get it topped it off. The transmission shifts amazingly well now.

The only tasked left is to stage and inventory the camping gear.
I have to get my adult beverages.
I need a form mattress for my cot.
I need to buy groceries.
I need to coordinate with Mr. Fisher on the supplies above.

I’m pretty excited about this trip. Once again I hope to meet some of you. Please stop by if you are in the neighborhood.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

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