He swears he’s not over compensating (Post #128) 2/15/2009

My best friend JagGuy recently bought a new toy. It’s an M35A2. 2.5 ton truck. As you can see in the picture to the left. He said he had been looking for one ever since he saw a picture of one a fellow had modified.

He said, “I just thought it was cool.” Secretly we all know he is just trying to compensate for a “lack” of something. He swears he isn’t with the email he sent me with the picture. He wrote,

I’m not compensating for anything! (copied 17 times and ended with)

But what guy doesn’t like a BIG truck!

He owns a 1991 Range Rover Classic, a dozen other Jaguars and assorted whatevers, a Mercedes 300 CD and is building two motorcycles.

He plans to set the 50cc and under world record for motorcycles. The other is a ridiculously crazy project involving a Jaguar V12 motor. To say JagGuy has issues would only scratch the surface.

So his latest foray into off-roading is this 6×6 monster he plans to modify into a 4×4 by dropping an axle. The result will I’m sure be fun for kids of all ages.

I drove M35s when I was serving in the United States Marines. We also drove the big brother to the M35, the M54 which was just a beefier version called “the 5 ton”. He has promised that I can take a metaphorical stroll (I will actually be driving) down memory lane and drive the M35, I fully intend to hold him to that.

The question is now does he plan to make it a “daily driver” as he is like to do with his new acquisitions? Or will this just be another toy in the ever in creasing toy box of excentricity? The jury is still out and with the number of projects he now has planned, I’m pretty sure I could petition him for a job being his “Edd China” for at least three years. Edd and JagGuy could quite possibly be brothers, more on that as I finish my interviews with JagGuy’s dad about his early exploits.