Jeep Grand Wagoneer (Post #467) 3/17/2014

20140306_114741I drive to VZD’s nearly every Monday at 11:00am for lunch. (Hint: if you want to talk about Land Rovers I sit at the bar). On the way to the restaurant on N.W. 42nd Street a block East from Western Avenue sits a Jeep Grand Cherokee Wagoneer. Its been there for nearly a year, maybe longer. I was admiring it as I always do when I noticed a for sale sign.

I love the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s Wagoneer from the 1980’s. They were in the early running when I was shopping for my first 4×4 in 1999. So naturally I was curious to see what the owner wanted for this beauty. I was thinking, if it’s in the neighborhood of 5,000$(US) I might just buy it.

I pulled up, got out, and took a few pictures. As you can see she is really nice.

Apparently the owners think she is really nice too.

20140306_114615Yes, you read that correctly. 37,000$(US) for a 1987 model. According to the flyer she has been professionally restored. Pawnee Matt said, “It looks brand new inside.”

I’ve been following the comments on Land Rover Owners Facebook page and some similar threads at The threads consist of shocked and astonished comments about what NAS Defender 90’s and 110’s go for in the U.S.A. Especially the professionally restored ones.

I have mentioned Copely Motorcars in previous posts. They restore lots of cars but of particular interest to us Land Rover Defenders and sell them to the ultra rich in New England. These ultra rich need weekend cars on Nantucket Island and Greenwich Village and the other weekend homes away from home of the well to do in the Northeast. Their cars of choice are high-end Land Rovers, especially Defenders, lots of Jeep Wranglers (yawn),  and other “safari” style vehicles. You can read the Hooniverse post from this link.

If the owners want to sell this gem for what they are asking I’m pretty sure this beautiful Jeep will need to be shopped in the more affluent parts of the country. Crown Heights is a pretty well to do area for Oklahoma City but that kind of New England money is just not there.

20140306_114711I don’t know many people who would spend that kind of money on a Jeep to restore it. They must have loved this one and wanted it to be really nice. It’s even got heated front seats!

Happy Sat. Patrick’s Day, and thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

Update: As you may have read in the comments below this is a WAGONEER not a Cherokee. It is also apparently reasonably priced according to my friend “Ghosty” (that was his Battlefield 1942 game handle back in the day). Jon, we should get a couple of Ghurka cigar bagsw loaded up and take this Wagoneer up into the hills. I wonder if any of the other guys would come along? Perhaps AgentK12, Waldo, and RMP? Good times.

Thanks for the correction.

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  1. *cough* That’s a Grand Wagoneer, never to be confused with the Grand Cherokee. And you’ll be surprised to see that the asking price is actually not bad for one in good shape. I’ve seen them go at Mopar shows for 50-60k. Just like your D90’s, they’re in really high demand and cost a pretty penny. Most true Jeep fans would give an arm and a leg for a nice Wagoneer. This guy included!

    1. Oh my heavens. What a dreadful faux pas! I will correct the post IMMEDIATELY, I wouldn’t want to offend any Jeepers out there.

      I love these things. So classic, great lines, and great marquee. If you want me to pick up for you just give me a call. I’d be happy to drive out to you.

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