Not a Failed Brake Caliper (Post #368) 7/12/2013

IF you read my recent post on a failed brake caliper, it turns out it wasn’t a bad caliper at all. Just a failed dust cover. I have since found that both have failed. Just another thing that is kinda annoying.

I bought a replacement caliper and even though the old one had not failed I replaced it any way. I’m having trouble getting the brakes bled correctly now. Just another thing that is kinda annoying.

I am taking the Big White Bus in to Mickey’s Garage on Monday to have the AC reconditioned, springs replaced, brakes bled (if I don’t sort them myself this weekend), and another drive line clunk investigated. I hope to keep the expense under the gross national product of Chad.

I was thinking of a beer commercial mixed with an add for Mickey’s Garage…

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering..