Plug and Plug Wire Failures (Post #575) 8/8/2017

Looks like I’ve got some rough running again. This time I suspect it is the plug wires and plugs. I have also replaced the distributor cap and rotor. In doing so I managed to unintentionally disassembled the distributor due to a sticky rotor. There are some very scary pictures coming for that repair. Look for the post this weekend.

I managed to get it back together after a few tries. She started up and I thought I had the Big White Bus running again but that was not true. She came home today on the flatbed of shame…sorry no picture…and I’ve begun to diagnose the issues.

I hope you enjoy the video.

A shout out to Ringer for his offer to rescue me in his Jeep Wrangler with extra doors, and to John Joyce who saw me on the side of the road and pulled over and offered a ride.

Thanks for watching and Happy Rovering.