Popular in Finland (Post #588) 11/16/2019

Looks like I’m pretty popular in Finland today. Hopefully it’s not a hacker trying to highjack my page.

My genetic profile tells me some part of me is Northern European. So thank you to my distant cousins for visiting.
Kiitos lukemisesta ja onnellisesta kuljettamisesta.

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  1. Don’t worry Okie … I just watched what happened over the years ..
    I also have problems with ignition, I have had five new ignition amplifiers that have not worked properly, I am currently using a Bearmach amplifier that works ..(chinese but works)
    So if you can’t get your car working, replace with a new one.
    The price of my amplifiers is 20-30e, expensive I have not tried.
    My car is working now …
    My car is a Range Rover Classic -91 3.9efi 99500miles, My car was in California for the first 21 years.

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