Power Steering Flow


I’ve found my power steering leak. Leak might not be descriptive enough. Perhaps it is a power steering flow. In any event I have a seal failing. The puddle you see on the frame above is the amount that came out after 3 miles of driving. On the good side all the power steering fluid coating everything has done a fair job of inhibiting rust.


After washing all the power sterling fluid off.

Coming off his victory over a brake drum pad replacement on his daughter’s Jeep,  Mr. Fisher went with me to clean off a donor steering box I bought from my offroading pal John.


Yes, that's rust, flecked with some stubborn bits of paint.

We went down to the car wash and spent $4.50 to use their hot soapy high pressured water. We knocked 99% of the crud off the donor steering box. It was seriously caked on.

So the plan is to send the donor steering box to a remanufactuer.  They will replace all the seals and get it painted and tested. I can then swap out my leaky unit with the fresh one.

My hope is I will be under 250$(US) for the total repair. A new steering box is 796$(US) from Rovers North plus shipping. I wonder how you would ship a 60 pound steering box?

What ever it is at least my Superfine Clean-up Site if a driveway will begin to dry out.


I skipped a chance to scout part of the Oklahoma Adventure Trail with John,  Harkey, and Erik today. I had to sort this and some other little things out today. Winter is coming and I need to get these things done so I can hibernot.


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