Top Five Most Popular Offroad Parks by State (Post #547) 9/25/2015

The good people at PartCatalog have compiled the 2nd Annual Top Offroad Trails in America. They list the top five places by state. Clint Henderson reached out to me last year for a list of places. The list was wildly successful and they have compiled a new list for 2015.

Being as I am an Okie through and through, you might even say dyed in the wool, I am listing our top five. It looks to me like I need to get my butt out these trails.

Looking at the top three sites nationwide. Two of them are in states bordering our fine state.

I’d like to say thank you to Clint and his team for publishing this again this year. Such a great resource.

Road trip!

Thanks for reading, go check out PartCatalog’s latest list, and Happy Rovering.