Something Different (Post #382) 8/26/2013

I tried something a little different. My front grill was pretty knackered. It was a couple of colors of black or gray depending on the part you were looking at.

I took the grill off and used my neighbor’s power washer. I blasted it and the paint and most of the oxidation came off. Underneath it was Arden’s Green, obviously a replacement part.

My first thought was to paint it black again. But ever since I saw a color matched front end on a Discovery 2 I’ve wanted to see what it would look like on my Range Rover.

I wasn’t willing to pull the brush guard and respray it. It would require a media blasting of some sort due to some minor rust. That makes the entire thought and project too expensive. Quite frankly a white brush guard would not look manly studly proper in my mind.

The paint was only 8.14$(US) a can. The respray would require two cans. The best part was if it looked terrible to me…I can always return it to black. (I bought a can of black just in case.) The most difficult thing was picking which shade of white to use. There were no fewer than 6 shades of white to choose from. It was an O’Reilly’s Auto so there were NO BRITISH car colors in the paint rack.

I picked Wimbledon White. There was an Oxford White but I felt Wimbledon was closer to Chawton White. I say that because the paint on the rear half is mostly oxidized and doesn’t match the front half. I should get the whole entire thing polished and waxed. Not to make it pretty, just to make it the same color front and back. Protecting the paint with a bit of wax would also slow the oxidation of the paint. When it rains the oxidized paint stains the black bits with a chalky color.

I’m going to let it ride for a bit and see if it grows on me. So far I like it, and isn’t that all that really matters?

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.