We have a go at the ivy… (Post #257) 4/29/2011

I drove the Range Rover in this morning.
I could say I drove it in honor of the Prince and his lovely bride gettin’ hitched today, but that would not be true. I drove her in today because RovErica needed a car while her’s was in the shop getting the air conditioning refurbed. My best friend told me about a fellow Marine who works on the side as a mechanic. He needs the money now more than ever with his wife carrying a bun in the oven. In any event, RovErica gets air conditioning, I help out a fellow Marine, and I save a few bucks off the cost of a professional shoppe tapping me for A/C repair. That’s what winning is all about.

The drive in reminded me of why I love to drive this gas guzzling beast. I love the ride position in morning traffic. I love that when I change lanes people get out of the way. I love the revs when I accelerate. I do not love the 7.20$(US) it costs me to drive 24 miles to work (12 miles per gallon). And as you can imagine I don’t love the fact that 3 fivers are gone in fuel cost when I get home.

But it is what it is. I love my Range Rover.

With the royal wedding behind us I thought I’d share a video of the Queen driving her Defender. I love how cordial she is when she addresses the “poachers”. I thought it is amusing that they don’t like ivy on their trees. We don’t like ivy on our trees either. Unlike the English ivy they are referring to, our ivy is poison ivy and you don’t handle it if you can avoid it. Of course if I were the queen king of England I’d have some one pull all my ivy down as well.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.