What to tell a friend (Post #179) 5/18/2010

I got a twitter message today from my good friend Ferdiad. He was telling me about how his next car will be a Land Rover.

 His experience involves this wreck on the Broadway Extension.

That is one cracked up Classic. It looks like a 1995 Range Rover LWB. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it before. My first thought is…I wish I had a place to store a parts car. My second was…
What kind of Land Rover does Ferdiad want?

That was answered in a tweet a few minutes later from his wife, the infamous puckchk whose drunken hockey tweets amuse me to no end.

So if I have that correct SHE is wanting a Discovery. To wit I responded that they needed a 2004 Discovery SE7. I have lots of reasons for that. Mainly the rear air conditioning for their little spuds. The extra seats will come in handy when their kids have friends stay the night and they have need for 5 or more seats.

If you have read my R.I.P post for my Disco, you may be asking, why are you recommending a Discovery? If you game for a Land Rover and you are game for a Discovery, you should get the newest model you can. Now if my friends have the connections I think they have puckchk may find herself behind the wheel of an LR3. After all her husband is the lord of all computers for a major auto dealership empire.

I can’t wait to see what they get.

What the hell? Two posts in one day?

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

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  1. Hi! Just wanted to come over and say thanks for following the housewives on The RHOK.

    I’ve read through several of your posts and really enjoyed them. I don’t have a Rover, but I sure do like them.

    Nice meeting a fellow Okie. =)

    Dawn’s Diversions AKA Mrs. Albright @TheRHOK.

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