Zip Ties? Really? (Post #387) 9/6/2013

Look closely. Bumpers should not be held in place with zip ties. Seriously? That’s just lazy and dangerous! I guess he thinks the ticket for not having his vehicle license plate displayed is worse than the one he will get when that bumper comes off on the highway and causes an accident.
Don’t get me wrong, zip ties have their proper uses. 
Like for instance:
  • Holding the back of your ignition switch to the locking mechanism.
  • Holding a wire in place so it doesn’t melt and short out against your exhaust.
  • Holding your make-shift awning in place on your roof rack.
  • For use on rowdy hippies as you remove them from protesting their latest outrage.

This is just another fine example of why we (the State of Oklahoma) need vehicle inspections to be reinstated. 
Thanks for reading and Happy Zip Tying Rovering.