Land Rovers and Music (Post #95) 6/19/2008

So I’m firing up and what do I see in the advert section? LAND ROVER! That made for a pretty nice start to my day. Sadly though it was an advert for LR2 and LR3. Neither of which I own nor will anytime soon. I’m not going to rant about diesel motors again…I’ll just let it go.

This weekend is going to be warm and I’m going to change out the plug wires and the plugs. I’m also going to swap the transaxle fluid again. It looked burned a bit when I checked it the other day. I’ve been getting the classic high pitched hum from the transaxle and decided I might see if another fluid swap will help with that.

I still have to find the time to do the bushing job on the Classic. I really don’t want to wait until fall when it’s cooler. I’ll probably just see if JagGuy will let me use his lift again. Some day (after I win the lottery) I’m going to get me a lift.

For Father’s Day my dear sweet wife let me road trip it to Frisco, Texas, aka The Surface of the Sun (108F after the game ended at 5pmCDT), for a Chicago Fire (my team) and FC Dallas soccer match. It was a great time. I got to meet a bunch of Fire fans I’ve been messaging on boards with and got to meet the Head Coach. Which is a funny story. The guy on the back row, far right is the Coach’s brother-in-law, and said we needed to pick up the tickets at a hotel. So we stroll into the hotel and Denis Hamlett stands up and introduces himself and hands us the tickets. SO AWESOME! So where’s the photo of you and the coach you might ask? Well my buddy and I had no idea who we were getting the tickets from so we were totally surprised and left the camera in the car. Well we’ll get pictures next time.

Thanks for reading and happy rovering.