Looking Good from the 6th Floor (Post #501) 6/14/2014





I snapped a couple of pictures from my new office. In the picture from left to right on the horizon…

The Capitol, Downtown OKC, right next to the “Eye of Sauron” is the steeple of the church we laid my friend Whit Edwards to rest in, Crown Heights neighborhood in the forested area with Bishop Guinness High School on the far right with I-44 in the foreground.

Its a great view. My Range Rover Classic is just below us. It’s the only Land Rover in the entire parking lot. The building houses nearly 500 people, only one Land Rover.


I usually park in the open space directly behind me but someone snuck in it while I was out at lunch that day. Shade from the giant cottonwood tree is much appreciated as it starts to turn warmer.

Zoom in…

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

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