Video Blog #1, Humor me, wave why don’t ya? (Post #500) 6/13/2014

This is my first attempt at a video blog. My friend Walt in PA video blogs all the time. I think his readers like it.

We shall see if my readers like it.

Caveats /kavēˌät,ˈkäv-/,

  • This video will not change your life.
  • This video was filmed in a controlled environment by a professional Land Rover Driver. (Don’t try this at home kids.)
  • The thoughts within are random, and mine, and hopefully entertaining. (I will not refund the four minutes you are sure to waste watching it.)
  • It was awesome.
  • The city was “The Village”.

Thanks for watching and Happy Rovering.

2 Replies to “Video Blog #1, Humor me, wave why don’t ya? (Post #500) 6/13/2014”

  1. Wave Wave Wave.

    About endings …Think “have I gotten of the stage and just don’t know it ?”

    Fun to watch

  2. It’s not like I have to read your blog. Now you want me to look AND listen to you??
    And about a topic that has been up and down the internet for deacades… Well, Heil Ad…. aaah… Eric. And I did do the wave. 😉

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