Oscar Goldman??? (Post #133) 3/18/2009

I found a fun site through the Retro Thing website.
Its a collection of photos taken from his car while driving. It’s part of his work, that is catching people in the moment.

Click the picture to see the gallery.

One day in 1989, Andrew Bush came up with the brilliant notion of attaching a camera to the passenger-side door of his car to snap photos of his fellow travelers enjoying the Los Angeles freeway system. He kept doing it until 1997, stopping either because his faithful chariot gave up the ghost or because the ominous flash pissed off the wrong guy piloting a rusty old El Camino.

Man (possibly someone in character) traveling northwest at 60 mph on U.S. Route 101 in the vicinity of Hollywood on a late Sunday afternoon in March 1991

That not just any man, it is Oscar Goldman!!! From the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman TV series. Actor Richard Anderson. John in my office named him right off. I managed to remember the TV series but not the actor’s name or character from the series. And our office says he’s driving a Rolls Royce.