Shoppe is Ordered (Post #583) 5/14/2019


I have ordered my shoppe. I went with a 20×30 foot with a single garage door on the advise of the Evil German Dude. He recently purchased another shop for his property and was disappointed in the two garage door version. The shop will need some fill dirt due to the slope in my yard.

shoppe (2)I’m pretty excited but not nearly as excited as Mrs. Okierover who, once I’ve got everything moved in, will be able to park in the garage attached to the house. This fall if I play my cards right we could have a garage day for any Land Rover enthusiasts that wish to venture down here. It would be a great way to meet every one and perhaps plan an excursion.

The show will generally be like the one in the picture above but charcoal with white trim and add windows to the wall you are looking at. More, including pictures when I get a little further along.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.