What Happens In Your Differential? (Post #579) 9/24/2018

I saw this post and had to share it. A lot of guys go to a lot of effort to modify their vehicles beyond how it was designed by the engineers. By no means am I saying don’t modify, or the engineers are always right. But they are paid a great deal of money and have gone to a lot of school to design automobiles. So I’d say trust but verify.

When it comes to lubricating your Land Rover it is important to use the right fluids in the right amounts. This video demonstrates that even if the narrator doesn’t say it outright.

Enjoy the video.

I know many of you are wondering where I’ve been. I’ve had some medical issues that required a more than a month of physical therapy. We also moved into a new house and Mrs. Okierover had your’s truly doing a great deal of work around the new Okierover Base Camp.

Good news, Mrs. Okierover doesn’t want to scrape ice or sweep snow off her Honda Pilot this winter. We’ve heard everything from not much is going to happen, to we’ll have record snows. The persimmons challenge says it will be icy as we found knifes when we cut the seeds open. La Nina has turned to El Nino which means not much is going to happen.

In any event this means Mrs. Okierover wants to park INSIDE her garage. That means we are building a shoppe soon. I’m pricing my options and looking at the various constructions. I’m kinda excited.

I am scheduled to go to the Natural State Overland Rendezvous in October. I’m looking forward to meeting some new folks and getting back into the woods and on some trails. Let’s hope the Big White Bus doesn’t let us down.

Thanks for Reading and Happy Land Rovering.