Window Regulator Installed (Post #125) 1/18/2009

I got some happy time with my Discovery yesterday. Several things had piled up and she demanded a few hours of quality time. The weather was predicted to cooperate and it did quite well. It was a pleasant 55F outside. Which was nice compared to the 10F we woke up to the day before.

So out to the garage I ventured. I pulled the Discovery in the wife’s side of the garage as mine is now full of electronic devices our house has begun eating and other projects I’ve been too lazy to address. Broken antique chair (not sure how to fix), dead TV (probably going to part out), dead microwave (trash not fixable), dead Chi hair straightener (waiting for part). My side also contains my son’s weight bench which he NEVER uses.

Once I got the Disco in I got started. I had begun to smell oil burning and knew something wasn’t right because I was not loosing oil in the drive way. So I crawled under and sure enough there has been oil leaking at the oil filter. I started the oil change. When I got to the oil filter I really struggled to get the filter off. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I put on that filter last time. It was impossible to get off.

I struggled with it for a while and finally got it off. I am guessing that I must have put the filter on too tight and damaged or got the gasket in a pinch which allowed oil out. The mess underneath was going to be unpleasant to clean up.

While I waited for the oil to drain I got the diesel rags out and cleaned as much dirt and oil off the bits underneath. I was able to clean it off under there without too much trouble. And over all I’m pleased with the effort and it’s results.

I once again put one too many quarts of oil in on the fill. I’m not sure what I’ve been thinking when I’ve been filling the disco. I need to look up once and for all the proper amount and put a label on the inside. That way I won’t do that again.

The last project for today was getting the window regulator I bought from Rover Cannibal installed. The children were tired of pulling on the rag I had tied to the door and my wife was tired of the bare panel. She’s gonna hate it when I buy a Series.

The panel went in pretty easy. I only failed to install 2 parts. One bolt and the sound dampening cup for the large speaker. I was not in the mood to take the door panel off once I got the top lined up. You cannot push your luck when you are working with the plastic friction push posts. They have been off and back on this panel 3 times at least. I didn’t want to risk breaking them for those few things.

I also managed to have a couple of beers with one of my neighbors who came down when he saw the garage open. I have great neighbors and we are always in each others garages during the summer months and it’s nice when we get a few minutes during the winter.

I must get started on the laundry today as tomorrow I am going to tackle the left rear brake caliper. It has left a nice puddle of brake fluid on the drive. I had trouble with the front right last year as you frequent readers are aware. With the extreme weather change recently I’m hoping we don’t have any major trouble there.

So I’m off to my laundry duties and to enjoy “Chasing Classic Cars” and “Wheeler Dealers” on HD Theater Channel. Today’s show on Wheeler Dealer they are referbing a Saab 900 turbo. One of the troubles was non-working electric windows. The mechanic Ed called working on the electric windows, “a fiddly little job”. I’d have to agree.

Were you paying attention to the picture of the garage? I forgot to tell you all about the Range Rover Classic furniture I made for the garage. I took the old knackered seat, fitted a frame I made and voila instant cool seat for the garage. Wheels will come later.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.