Oil Pressure Switch (Post #472) 3/21/2014

I found a loose wire and was not sure where it went. It had an odd funnel shaped plastic bit attached. After a bit of looking I found the sensor it went to. It was the oil pressure switch.

Looking down on the passenger side
Looking down on the passenger side

I was not sure if oil would come out when I removed it. It didn’t. I wrenched off the old and put on the new. You can see the comparison in the picture below.

Side by side comparison
Side by side comparison

The switch is basically a membrane that flexes and makes contact. I have not had any lights since it was broken and I don’t expect anything to change with a new one installed.

With 205,000 miles on the Range Rover you don’t want to take any chances.

This job was a one on the Difficulty Scale. I chose NOT to have a 6 year old help even though my grand children were at the house. Wrench off the old wrench on the new. Plug in a wire. Easy peasy.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

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