Part 7: Reassembly of the Rear Quarter Panel (Post #645) February 10, 2024

I’m pretty sure I have the rust sorted in the passenger side wheel well. So it was time to reassemble.

What I didn’t investigate was all the ADDITIONAL spot rust. I spent some time arresting rust on the inside of the fender. I also covered the welding spots on the inside of the wheel well. And I got crazy with the cheese whiz, seam sealer, and covered some spots there too.

I didn’t forget the light assembly this time. I did forget the fuel filler door latch. Soooo….I got to do the job twice. I’m getting pretty good reassembling the rear quarter panels!

I nearly forgot that I had to install the mud flap and had to finish that job before I could call it a day. It went together pretty well and was easier to to than the drivers side in my opinion.

With this job done, I am able to concentrate on the rusty B pillar.

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