• Rust!

    When I went to change the transaxle oil I had to remove the support beam that runs across the frame just below the transaxle.And I was shocked to find some really nasty rust.This is not good. And it was badly coroded. I ran the wire…

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  • August 2nd, 2004

    August 2nd, 2004Rust the bain of all autosTomorrow my lovely wife and I will celebrate 15 years married. That is an accomplishment here in the middle lands of America. With a 50% divorce rate it seems to be harder for some than for others. Thank…

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  • March 20th, 2003

    March 20, 2003Rust and RoversRust. What else can you say? Everyone knows about rust and Rovers. When we lived on Guam there was this stuff they called “creeping crud”. It was basically rust on your car. A small rust spot would start and it would…

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